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Thanks for being my bra!

3 Mar

An advise was given to me in the beginning of the year to let fresh air in, to leave my ‘windows’ open for new companion & friends in my life. Thankfully I have been granted friends who were always by my side & have made life so enchanting in spite of going through the rocky terrains on earth. I remember this email I read sent from a good friend:

A Friend Is Like A Good Bra…

…hard to find,
…always lifts you up,
…never lets you down or leaves you hanging,
…and is always close to your heart!

It’s actually quite hard to find a real friend that understands you so much that whatever you blab or act out even if it seems nonsensical or idiotic to everyone, that person actually understands that nonsense you’re pulling; you just feel so comfortable to be yourself and just be so honest and just being able to say what’s on your mind without having the pressure of striking up a civilized and ‘prim’ conversation. We can talk about the stupidest things & craziest ambitions without being judged, even downright to the most serious or grave matters. To cry or laugh with that person anytime…such friendships truly I cherish the most.

Reminds me that I need to get new ones….…bras I mean…it is essential to get a proper one if not seriously the consequence could be traumatizing…

A person in serious need of a friend


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