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Food Brood- Sid’s Pub@Bangsar South

28 Nov

I really love good food and even if it tasted aweful, I wouldn’t mind so much if it were for free. But I guess I changed my mind after eating at a supposedly a nice chill out and food pub in Petaling Jaya with a  nice British Pub setting, Sid’s Pub-Bangsar South last night,  I am still holding onto tiny glimpse of hope that it was just a Sunday thing where the real chef was kidnapped and in an emergency case the pub owner asked his garderner to cook because I really remember the food tasting much better than yesterday, and the service..gosh, I would have been happy with self-service, with that look on the face of one of the waiters that served us, I promise you, he would have to pay YOU to serve you…for the 10% of service charge I paid, I felt I was paying for bitter gourd.

Anyway. I had Sid’s Pork burger RM16, to add bacon or cheese and egg you have to add on RM2, the pork within the pork burger tasted ok but the burger was just dry and portion of fries were anorexic..I think I got thinner after eating really. There wasn’t any salad on the side with it which helped with even more with the dryness of the burger. The ketchup and chilli sauce were in packets when you could have them in bottles or refillable bottles( I’m quite fussy when it comes to environmental causes, and the idea of having to tear a packet one by one for ketchup in the shop is just pretty ridiculous especially when you have oily fingers your will to use the ketchup just deteriorates, and I personally think that is what they were trying to do). Gosh they’ve made me into such a cynic…

My friends had(price ranged from Rm16-30++):

Sid’s Hotdog RM8- Just a bun and hotdog.

Pork Vindaloo RM26- Fusion-Fries, pork cooked in curry with ONE tiny piece of Papadum. Rating: disappointing, meat was tough, tasted like just normal curry. Click here for recipe(the chef could use this link)

Sunday Roast Beef RM35- Disappointing, tasteless, tough and the gravy…Just did not help a bit.

Cauliflower and cheese soup RM8- tasted sour-ish. I thought it was yoghurt soup for a minute.

Green Peas and ham soup- Justin timberlake’s “Cry me a river” would have to go with this soup. Seriously it was the worst soup I’ve tasted in years.

Grilled Salmon- Dry and over cooked.

Sandwiches RM12- The usual.

Fries- they were okay and crispy at least. The one thing that had a bit of dignity in all we ate.

Strongbow -RM20 1pint

Heineken, Guinness- RM18 1pint

I think the only reason I would go there would be for the beer, fries and ambience.

I actually went online to see the reviews on it and I’m shocked people actually recommend the food there. It’s either a)We really went there on the wrong day(Sunday night) where I was hoping it was the proxy-adhoc gardener cooking, or b) the food is just really bad, or c)We have really bad taste in food…all 10 of us or d) All of the above. I will still go there on days where I just want some peace and quiet with just beer and fries for a change, other than that only a gun to my head might make me move…might…

Ah was a farewell dinner for out beloved friends and at least we had good company and had a great time together! I will miss them dearly esp this sweet girl Gabby. Friends like her are one in a million. :’)

Coming back to food I guess once in a while you have to taste horrible before knowing what’s good. Having a change is necessary.

Sometimes this could be quite true:

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.”

-Bob Packwood

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