Delete your old emails and cheers to 2012

3 Jan
So the new year has violated a my rights of youth to remain young forever. Again premature mid-life crisis sets in a bit too fast.
I suppose it’s a part of life; horrific aging. Life is beautiful nonetheless..bipolar syndrome.
Anyway I’ve made a big decision in my life. To delete all my old emails and junk mails, without considering what I might want to keep. Ha!!
It’s been compiling for too long. I’ve hit 2,019 unread mails, thinking that yeah, I might need one of those some day.
It was soooo hard to let go, but it had to be done, throw away whats not needed(still a bit skeptical) and let the new come in. I’ve been saying that but this time I won’t let junks be left to accumulate. It does reflect how your life is somehow, you know emails and all…

I had slight problem looking for the DELETE ALL INBOX MAIL AND REFRESH YOUR LIFE button, and I finally found out how to do it.

Image representing Gmail as depicted in CrunchBase

1. Go to Inbox
2. Tick the checkbox on the top left (all messages should get ticked or selected)
3. Then right in the middle of the Inbox ABOVE the FIRST MESSAGE, click on “Select all conversations”
4. Press Delete button at the Left Top Corner among other main links.
5. Go to Trash and select ALL
6. Go to the centre of the Inbox above the FIRST MESSAGE and click on Empty Trash Now.
Your done!!


Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...

For YAHOO it was a bit harder to figure it out. The one thing I find annoying about Yahoo is when u click into a mail, and when you delete it, it directs you straight back to your next email(which you might not want to read yet), instead of directing you back to your inbox home page like Gmail.

So to delete all emails in one go:

1.Go to your INBOX Homepage.
2. On the top of all your messages where the function and toolbar are ie.(Compose message, Delete message, Forward Spam…etc.)
Click the below


4.Go back to your INBOX.
5. Tick the Checkbox(All) and press DELETE














Now all your emails are deleted!!

You are a new person now, look in the mirror and say it 3 times, with conviction.

“I am a new me, I am created as I should be and I love me, No one can make me feel inferior! Except my mom…” ok the last part wasn’t necessary. But feel happy to be yourself and be happy that every year is a new year, new opportunities considering of course there will be hard times, but it’s all necessary to help us become better people, to become stronger and wiser in the midst of crisis, to make a difference in the world. Have an open heart for as I once was told:

“the worst prison is a closed heart..”

and of course another one to remind my bitter self:

” Aging not an option, maturing is.”


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